Telephone systems for schools

Despite the increasing popularity of advanced communication forms such as the email and other networking tools, most business still depend on telephone systems for their communication needs. But the advancement in technology has brought significant changes in the phone service and the options for purchasing a new telephone system are more numerous than ever before. The fact is that, the telephone systems remains an important element for the development of an organization. It is the medium through which the first contact is being made in a business. From the standpoint of school communication, the  schools telephone systems has a huge advantage and it work towards the improvement of the education institutions. Applying various functionalities is essential to get the most out of this communication tool in the institution.

Are you looking for new telephone system for school?

Apart from supporting the day to day running of your school, it delivers benefit through

  • It enables the teachers, parents and other officials to connect each other
  • Improves the learning experience among students
  • Empowers extra-curricular learning opportunities
  • Enable the school to improve the safety

So for the successful running, the role of good Telephone systems in the schools cannot be leave out. Remember when you decide to have a telephone system for school in Kigali it is important to get the system done with a reliable provider. We have the experience in creating innovative telephone solutions that are customized to your school’s daily functions. As a communication provider in Kigali we have worked with many schools in Kigali and other emirates to implement state of the art telephone (IP PBX systems)

Telephone Systems For Schools Kigali Rwanda

A reliable School Phone System solution from the leader in IP telephony Kigali

As a leading telephone company in Kigali, we help you to deliver proper support for the effective communication management among teachers, students, staffs, parents and the school administrators. The members of the schools can be notified of the events such as the meetings, transport issues and other events effectively.

Handling emergency situations: It’s an undeniable truth that the schools need a brilliant telephone systems that work in line with needs. The schools must be very alert about the safety of the students. Hence the schools need to have a robust IP telephone system that can push emails, alerts via SMS to assigned administrators and staff. Access to voice mail via phone over the network allows teachers to retrieve their messages wherever they are.

Smart call handling made easy: Our solutions helps you effectively connecting students, parents and teachers efficiently. The smart options available with the phone system route the incoming calls to the relevant person in charge thus reducing the waiting times. With the various calling features callers can be instantly connected via voice mail, IM, email, SMS and so on.

Enhancing the learning experience: The advanced telephone systems for the schools can be effectively used to improve the learning experience. For the students it is vital to stay informed. With our advanced solutions, we make sure all your content (audio video or text) is shared among the students and teachers. With the advanced functionalities and options in the systems, students can be successfully involved in advanced form of learning. Whenever the schools does require any online or distance learning opportunities, we make it possible with our leading conferencing and telephone systems in Kigali.

Through our advanced systems, we increase greater collaborative learning and bring cost effective solutions for your schools. We involve with wide range of systems that are capable to produce expected results of the institutions. In order to develop reliable solutions, we depend on world class telephone systems including Avaya, Dlink, Panasonic, Grandstream, NEC, Sangoma, Samsung, Yeastar, LG Ericsson and Cisco PBX systems.

Improving the safety of your school

Safety is an important concern at any schools. Our telephone systems not only helps the members to stay updated, but also delivers state of the art smart features that allow students and staff to get the emergency help when they require. The phone can be customized according to the need of the schools.

Trusted communication solutions with the leading telephone distributor in Kigali

If you are in a drive to improve your communication needs or to organize a new infrastructure in Kigali, it is good to put trust in us. We provide solutions with the branded telephone systems for schools across Rwanda. Adept at designing and implementing, we are considered among the best telephone system provider in Kigali, Rwanda and with our complete solutions, your school is ready to get the desired results.

Good solutions for a better future

If you think now is the right time to deploy or restructure your telephone systems our various solutions are in offer for you. Please contact us for a reliable conferencing solutions in Kigali. As the leading telephone distributor in Kigali, we deal with all types of VOIP solutions across the entire Rwanda region. We make you available all the feasible solutions that stands out with the branded conferencing systems and more. We plan, implement and incorporate the conference systems that suits your school atmosphere thus making your school environment more dynamic. Our services are available in the regions of Butare, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Musanze, Gitarama, Cyangugu and Gisenyi as well. So why hesitate to extend your decision on implementing with the leading Telephone Company in Kigali.

Telephone system installation Kigali

Streamlining the communication is a must in the happening city of Kigali.  It is important for the institutions to develop a good planned telephone system in order to connect students, staffs, parents and administrators effectively. With the leading IP telephony provider the telephone systems for schools can be tailored to meet the unique communication needs.

Having a look at the features will help you to get a clearer picture

  • Add new extensions as and when needed
  • Have complete control over active calls
  • Easy to manage with the browser interface
  • Emergency call options
  • Call forwarding, call waiting, call hold , call transferring options

As other parts of the world take steps to improve the connectivity and foster the communication infrastructure, now it is your turn to come up with the advanced systems to revel in.