AVAYA IP OFFICE is a complete intelligent communications solution with full-featured telephony/voice communications, networking, messaging and contact center capabilities. Avaya Office Telephone System Works with traditional circuit-switched and IP lines. Companies can add data and IP telephony capabilities as needed, and it can function in either PBX or key system mode. Avaya IP OFFICE is an IP PBX / Hybrid system in a compact and easy-to-deploy unit.

Avaya IP OFFICE fills the gap between yesterday’s circuit-switched PBX’s and Key Systems and the IP-only solutions of tomorrow by meeting the total office communications needs of small-to-medium sized businesses

PABX is an automatic telephone switching system within a company that allows for the efficient management and monitoring of all telephone communications between employees and clients. With the addition of moving voice data over an IP connection through VoIP and the integration of traditional switchboard functions, a range of new features opened to businesses.

Avaya Ip500 Rwanda KigaliThe Avaya IP Office PABX System is designed specifically for businesses of between 4 to 1000 users and delivers the same communication capabilities of large enterprises. This solution unifies communications, providing employees with a solution that allows them to handle all their business communication on the device of their choice: laptop, mobile device, office or home phone – using wired, wireless or broadband connections. The New Avaya IP Office Version 10 Packed with more advanced features such as webrtc and workforce optimization.

Contact us for AVAYA KIGALI installation for your office. We can supply and install the Avaya telephone system anywhere in the Rwanda. Our services area includes Butare, Kigali, Gitarama Musanze, Gitarama, Cyangugu, Gisenyi and Kibuye.

Features of the Avaya IP Office include:

  • Networking of up to 32 sites
  • 128 party conferencing
  • Voicemail
  • Multiple call support
  • Telephone management system (TMS)
  • Menu driving tools including audit trail
  • Auto call distribution to customised routes
  • Voice recording
  • Caller ID
  • Call Centre functionality.

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AVAYA Phones


Avaya Phones KigaliThe power of the Avaya IP500 Office Telephone Systems has placed at your fingertips thanks to a range of very smart, very intuitive Avaya phones. Designed to be incredibly simple to use, the different Avaya phone models can be mixed and matched to provide a customized solution that meets both your budget and performance requirements. The Avaya Office IP500 supports a wide range of Desk Telephones, including 3rd Party analog phones, a wide selection of Avaya digital phones and a full range of Avaya IP phones and certified third-party SIP Phones. Check out our complete range of Avaya digital handsets, Avaya Conference Phones, and Avaya IP handsets.

Avaya comes up with the new j100 Series IP phones which give the customers a competitive price advantage. The j100 series IP phones consist of 4 models of office phones. The Phone models are  J129, J139, J169, and J179. The J129  and J179 office phones support wifi connectivity. All the J100 Series phones support SIP Protocol. The H.323 Support is limited in Avaya J169 IP Phone and J169 IP Phone. All the J100 Series phone models support high-quality wideband audio and Duplex Speakerphone. Headset connection is supported in all the models except J129 IP Phone. Power Over Ethernet and Dual Port Ethernet is a common feature in all the J100 Phone Models. Most importantly the SIP Protocol support makes these phones compatible with Non-Avaya Platforms. The Avaya J179 IP Phone support eight lines and Calendar Integration. The J139 IP Phone carries the line support of 4 and the Avaya J169 IP Phone support 4  line. The J129 IP Phone lice capacity is limited to only one. Colour Display is offered in J139 and J179.

Avaya Wireless handsets and twinning offer employees mobility around the office. For those employees working away from the office, comprehensive and easy to use call forwarding features, Softphone and a remote access service allow them to stay in contact and access centralized resources at all times.


Avaya Pbx Pabx RwandaThe Avaya IP Office 500 is a highly modular unified communications platform designed to meet the requirements of small and medium enterprises. The award-winning IP Office 500 gives growing companies a complete solution for telephony, messaging, networking, conferencing, customer management, and unified communications. In a single, compact solution, Avaya IP Office provides an unprecedented set of leading-edge communications capabilities to help your employees work smarter and serve your customers more effectively.

The New Avaya  Release 11

Avaya Coming up recently with the new version of IP office called Release 11 with many improvements and feature enhancements. Avaya Introduced new workforce optimization features for any company committed to giving the very best customer experience. When it comes to contact center Avaya allow centrally record and playback an agent call and see what they were doing on screen. It’s a very efficient way to check the quality of the agent, and it allows the business to always offer the best service to their customers. Avaya in Rwanda grows far compared to its competitors because of the trust and quality offered by Avaya telephone systems. With the new Avaya release 11, There have been significant advancements in security and resiliency. Avaya IP Office Phone System is always the best investment in your office communication because the system can grow when your company expands.

IP Office 11 offers a comprehensive set of communication features to enable efficient and fast responses to customer phone calls. Features such as Caller ID Display and Call Tagging allow users to see who is calling and who they are calling before they pick the call up. Client information can be displayed on a user’s PC.

Messaging enables users to manage all of their messages, both emails and voicemails, in one place. Since the main messaging platform is typically email, IP Office enables users to manage voicemails through the email system in order to keep all messages synchronized through one user interface. IP Office offers two voicemail options: Embedded Voicemail and Voicemail Pro.

Avaya Telephone System RwandaIn a distributed branch environment, the enterprise branch can choose an IP Office voice mail system or a centralized voice mail system for users. If the distributed environment is connected to CS 1000, users can also use Avaya CallPilot® as their voice mail system.

IP PBX Avaya – Price

The cost of an IP PBX Avaya is determined by many factors, such as the IP network infrastructure of the customer, its bandwidth and scalability, network protocols, applications, and types of phones. After all, the required parameters and requirements of our experts will prepare you an offer. As an Avaya Distributor in Kigali, we carry the best prices for our partners as well as customers. An Avaya IP PBX System enables your entire team to connect, communicate and collaborate in real time 

In all matters relating to the preparation of the price action on Avaya IP PBX you can contact our Sales Team by phone: (+971) 4 4504145

Avaya Ip500 Rwanda Kigali

Avaya IP500 Rwanda

Do you need a phone system that SCALABLE  and offers multiple calling groups, auto attendants, advanced forwarding functionality, extensive conferencing capability, softphone PC applications, and many other features to improve calling efficiency for your business?. Avaya IP Office is the system that fill the gap between traditional key systems/circuit switched PBX and new IP-only solutions. It economically meets the needs of modern businesses as well as businesses that want to use traditional telephony for now and implement IP telephony at a later date.Depending on the customer’s business model. IP Office can be configured for a single site location, multiple branch locations, and for call center applications.

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Avaya Aura & Avaya Call Center

Avaya Aura is a Perfect communication suite for businesses who seek complete unified communication. Avaya Aura can scale up to 25000 locations and 250000 users. Avaya Aura is created with five elements. That is Communication Manager, Presence, Application Enabler, System Manager and Session Manager. Avaya Aura is designed to work as a core communication platform which is capable of delivering presence, Unified communication,  Call Center and Contact Center solutions. With a SIP architecture, Avaya Aura is perfectly suited for a complex communication network. Avaya  Aura enables voice, video, messaging, presence, and Web applications to users in every location. Avaya offers web services and API to allow third-party applications to access unified communications and call center capabilities. Aura communication platform enables the convergence of digital and analog telephony with IP, in an efficient and solid way. As an Avaya  Business Partner, Vector Digitals provides comprehensive communications systems, applications, and support including Voice over IP (VoIP), SIP, converged network integration, call centers, Contact centers mobility and data networking solutions.

Avaya Aura Call Center

Avaya Aura Call Center solution enables the enterprise to manage a smart, simple, robust and highly available call centers. Avaya Aura call center is an open communication system with the most reliable and advanced security levels. The Aura Call center offer reliable smart and differential voice and data applications, help to increase Contact Center productivity level and improve customer satisfaction by providing sound processes, in an efficient and straight forward way.

Avaya Support

Vector Kigali Supporting Avaya Telephone System across Rwanda. We design, implement and maintain converged voice and data communications, based on the Avaya IP office and Aura Communication platforms. We offer optimal levels of protection and operation for your communications systems.There are several Avaya support packages includes comprehensive hardware and software support services. Choose the services that best match the needs of your organization –  achieve maximum up time and minimum disruption.We have experts in complex projects that span multiple customer engagement channels and involve multi-site integration.Our Avaya Support is handled by best Avaya Specialists in the Industry.What make us different in Avaya Support is the ability to provide a genuine emergency response with the right technical capability

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Being a Leading Avaya Distributor in Kigali, Rwanda we make sure best  Avaya PBX System & Avaya Phones price offer to our resellers and clients. We supply Avaya to all parts of Rwanda including Butare, Kigali, Gisenyi, Byumba, Ras al Khaimah, Musanze, Gitarama and Cyangugu. Buying Avaya Telephone System from us in Rwanda giving you an additional advantage on outstanding technical support.

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Avaya J100em Expansion Module Kigali

Avaya J100 Expansion Module Rwanda

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Avaya J129 Ipphone Kigali

Avaya J129 IP Phone Rwanda

The Avaya J129 in Rwanda is designed as a cost-effective entry-level IP Phone, but not limited to much features. The Avaya J129 offer secure and high-quality communications suited best for every day common users. The J129 is SIP supported phone which enables it to use with many communication platforms, as well as Avaya PBX itself. It is one line phone and supports 2 concurrent calls. This SIP Phone offers a screen size of 2.3” (diagonal) monochrome display.

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Avaya J139 Ipphone Kigali

Avaya J139 IP Phone Rwanda

The Avaya J139 IP Phones in Rwanda designed with the modern sleek look and offer secure communication. The J139 is SIP Protocol Supported IP Phone with a 2.8” diagonal color display. Its a Multi-line office phone with inbuilt Giga Network Ports and POE Support. The J139 well suited for office workers and Delivers high definition audio that can increase productivity by reducing fatigue and provides easier.


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Avaya J169 Ipphone Kigali

Avaya J169 IP Phone Rwanda

The Avaya J169 IP Phone in Rwanda is one of the best business communication tools that you can invest in for your office today. If your workplace depends on effective business communication through a reliable tool with many features to help you to increase your efficiency and collaboration, then this 8-line phone from Avaya is one that you should consider for a lot of reasons.

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Avaya J179 Ipphone Kigali

Avaya J179 IP Phone Rwanda

The Avaya J179 in Rwanda is one of the top-notch phone brands that give a superb solution to everyday voice communication. The J179 Ip phone is SIP Supported with support for  Wideband audio codec that gives HD audio present in the headset and handset. Avaya J179 IP Phone comes as an 8 line phone with inbuilt Dual Giga Network Ports. This Office IP Phone offers a screen size of 3.5” (diagonal) color display – 320 x 240 pixels. The Avaya J179 IP Phone addresses the want for everyday voice communications. Designed for customers who want a complete variety of telephony, productiveness, and collaboration functions.

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Avaya 1403 Phone Kigali Rwanda

Avaya 1403 Digital Phone Rwanda

The Avaya 1403 Digital Phone in Rwanda for IP Office is a cost-effective digital telephone that provides easy access to the most common functions needed for everyday use. The Avaya 1403 is compatible with IP Office Release 6.0 and higher.The Avaya 1403 Digital Desk phone has been designed for the walk-up user in mind. It can be used for walk-in users in reception or lobbies but makes the perfect basic phone for areas where usage is high.

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Avaya 1408 Phone Kigali

Avaya 1408 Digital Phone Rwanda

AVAYA 1408 PHONE – The Avaya 1408 Digital Phone in Rwanda is a value-priced, full-featured digital phone designed for light to moderate everyday phone users. The Avaya 1408 is compatible with IP Office Release 6.0.The Avaya 1408 Digital Desk phone has been created foe users who typically rely on multiple forms of communication such as telephone and email. While they require quality in a phone, their overall use is fairly light or simple by nature. Office workers and sales teams within a retail environment are examples of an everyday user for whom the Avaya 1408 Digital phone is the perfect solution.


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Avaya 1416 Phone Kigali Rwanda

Avaya 1416 Digital Phone Rwanda

The 1416 Digital Deskphone  in Rwanda offers 16 administrative buttons with LED signalling. The number of buttons can be expanded by 32 with each Button Module. The phones are developed for users with the need to see many extensions at a glance and dial with one fingertip. The white backlight of the display allows a very easy readability of the call information even when the surrounding is not really bright.

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Avaya 1603 Kigali

Avaya 1603 IP Phone Rwanda

Avaya 1603  IP phone in Rwanda is good for mant applications because of the basic range of functions, a simple and intuitive interface, while it has all the advantages of professional IP phones. Avaya 1603 is a multi-line IP phone for working with Avaya Communication Manager 3.0 or higher platforms or Avaya IP Office 4.2 and higher.

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Avaya 1608 Phone Kigali Rwanda Kigali

Avaya 1608 IP Phone Rwanda

The Avaya 1608-I in Rwanda is a cost effective IP telephone. At an attractive price point; it provides the customer with basic communications needed. The Avaya 1608-I is for users who rarely receive more than five or six calls per day. Sales staff and cubicle workers are good examples for whom the Avaya 1608-I delivers an enhanced experience for.The Avaya 1608 IP is an IP-ready desk phone from the Avaya 1600 IP series. Features include eight line appearance keys, with dual LED’s, and fixed feature keys for conference, transfer, drop, hold and mute. A two-way speaker phone and headset jack allow hands free communications. In addition, the Avaya 1608 IP includes a 10/100 Ethernet port for connecting to a PC.

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Avaya 1616 Phone Rwanda Kigali

Avaya 1616 IP Phone Rwanda

The Avaya 1616 IP phone in Rwanda is the reception or manager model in the budget Avaya 1600 IP series. It’s a great value and perfect for heavier phone users that need to see more staff presence with the instantly visible 16 button design.Compatible with both the IP Office platform (Avaya IP500) and the Communications platform, the Avaya 1616 includes the features found only in higher-end, more expensive, enterprise-class telephones. These features include a bright, backlit display, support for multiple call appearances, 2-way speakers, dual lamp LEDs, fixed feature keys, and a context-sensitive user interface with soft keys. And, because of its cost-effectiveness, end users gain access to a feature-rich telephone, but at a very attractive price point

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Avaya 9404 Kigali

Avaya 9404 Digital Phone Rwanda

Avaya 9404 is designed for active daily use and excellent assistant for those employees. Avaya 9404 allows you to create highly reliable and high-quality telecommunication solutions.The phone is similar in appearance and functionality to the well-proven Avaya 9600 series IP terminals.This phone will add value to the corporate telecommunications infrastructure as a means of achieving a competitive advantage.

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avaya 9408 dubai

Avaya 9408

Avaya 9408 is a digital phone feature high-quality voice communication. These phones feature multiple speed dials, call logs and feature keys. This phone is perfect for transferring calls, call handling by busy workers. It offers white backlight line X 32 character display and up to three 12 button expansion modules.


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Avaya 9504 Rwanda Kigali

Avaya 9504 Digital Phone Rwanda

Avaya 9504 is a Digital phone with 4 line X 32 character display backlit for easy viewing. It has Integrated, high-quality speakerphone, Large capacity contacts and call log functions. The phone is compatible with Avaya IP Office Release 7.0 or later.

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Avaya 9508 Kigali

Avaya 9508

Avaya 9508 is a Digital Office Phone with smart design, crystal-clear sound, and productivity features. It featured high-quality integrated speakerphone and a large, easy-to-read display. These digital phones are well suited for demanding executive workers with feature keys, speed dials, and call logs. It supports optional 12-button expansion module for a total of 96 feature keys.

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Avaya 9601 Kigali Rwanda

Avaya 9601 IP Phone

Avaya 9601 is an entry-level IP Phone with two line appearances and three context-sensitive soft keys. It has a four-line monochrome display and features full-duplex speakerphone with hands-free, narrowband communication, and full wideband audio.


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avaya 9608g ip phone

Avaya 9608G Rwanda

The 9608 Deskphone has a monochrome display and is designed to give the users who use the product every day, an ‘enriching communication experience’. Coming to the specifications of the device, the monochrome display measures around 3.2 inches X 2.2 inches and is of the perfect size for easy viewing. It has eight buttons for its various functionalities, also the buttons are combined with dual red-green LED lights which make them easier to operate and to remember for new users.

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Avaya 9641g Kigali Rwanda

Avaya 9641G IP Phone Rwanda

Avaya 9641G designed to improve the communication interaction and protect your investment with future-proof capabilities.Avaya 9640G IP Phone support touch-sensitive screen enables you to manage application, menus, Directories, Calendars, and calls.In addition to a Solid Design, these IP Phones support high-quality voice calls, instant messaging, voice messaging, conferencing, etc Avaya 9640G phones are compatible with Avaya IP OPffice Platform and Avaya Aura.

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avaya 9641gs ip phone

Avaya 9641GS Rwanda

Avaya 9641GS Rwanda is an IP Phone with Giga network port s and support for three 12 or 24-button Expansion Module. The 9641GS Provide high-quality voice communications through a flexible architecture that leverages existing investments and accommodates changing business needs. The Screen Feature Capacitive touch 5 Inch color display. The Phone support H.323 IP500 PBX and SIP protocol support on Avaya Aura Platform.

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Avaya Ip500 Rwanda Kigali

Avaya IP500 Rwanda

Do you need a phone system that SCALABLE  and offers multiple calling groups, auto attendants, advanced forwarding functionality, extensive conferencing capability, softphone PC applications, and many other features to improve calling efficiency for your business?. Avaya IP Office is the system that fill the gap between traditional key systems/circuit switched PBX and new IP-only solutions. It economically meets the needs of modern businesses as well as businesses that want to use traditional telephony for now and implement IP telephony at a later date.Depending on the customer’s business model. IP Office can be configured for a single site location, multiple branch locations, and for call center applications.

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