SonicWall firewalls Kigali

Are you looking for a reliable firewall in Kigali? Looking no more. SonicWall Firewalls Kigali is a reliable choice for many businesses that are serving for many years. Sonicwall provides the solution of Network firewalls to small as well as large business organizations. Sonicwall deliver what we claim. No doubt that finding a reliable firewall service provider is not an easy task. Choosing a right network firewall provider is necessary same as picking up the high-quality firewall products. SonicWall firewalls Kigali offers all network firewalls that vary in customizable functionality, but all these perform the same task, and that is your data or resource protection from unwanted access. VDS Kigali helps you to get the most compatible SonicWALL firewalls with your networks.Sonicwall’s line of firewalls includes Stateful packet forwarding, application enforcement, intrusion prevention, DoS/DDoS protection, user/group-based firewall rules, object-oriented rule sets and also ARP security and much more. SonicWall firewalls Kigali is the renowned name in Rwanda for its high-quality Hardware firewalls (routers) supplying.

Importance of using secure SonicWall Firewalls Kigali

As already mentioned that a firewall is a software or hardware that protects the computer from the attacks of hackers, viruses and of course worms. The viruses or the hacking not confine to large corporate networks, but also in the small home network; Powerful both have the same security issues. However, using reliable SonicWall firewalls allows the businesses to set up their rules for users online. Let’s take an example of having a firewall; a company can access certain websites, tell how an employee can use the network.

Moreover, SonicWall firewalls allow you to add or remove specific filters just according to the network circumstances like:

IP addresses: If an IP address from outside an organization is trying to access your data, Firewalls block these accesses over the server.

Domain Names: With the help of SonicWall Firewalls, a company can block or allow certain domains to access their network.

Specific phrases or words: On the other, firewalls check each packet of information just to make sure that it is according to filter content. One can select any word or phrases to be blocked.

Sonicwall Firewall Kigali RwandaSonicWall has a reputation for providing solutions to meet the needs of any size of business. The new TZ product line joins the NSA and SuperMassive product lines to give any organization, be it a business, a school, a hospital or a government agency state of the art tools to solve their network security needs. As part of the broad SonicWall Security solution that includes identity and access management, patch management and encryption.SonicWall’s commitment to providing solutions will allow your business to thrive and grow by taking advantage of all the power the internet has to offer with the confidence that you are protected by SonicWall Security.Sonicwall  offer all kind of firewalls to match all type of organizations with customizable functionality including:

  • SonicWall TZ Series
  • SonicWall NSA Series
  • E-Class NSA Series
  • SonicWall Supermassive Series
  • SonicWall Email Security Series
  • SonicWall SRA Series
  • SonicWall WXA Series
  • SonicWall Wireless Series

Why business needs SonicWall firewalls for networks?

Business network security is a core area, where it may even affect the existence of a business. As advances in networking continue to provide tremendous benefits, businesses are increasingly challenged by sophisticated attacks designed to disrupt communication, degrade performance and compromise data. Striking the perfect balance between network security and performance is no easy task. Meeting these demands can be especially daunting for small businesses, which usually cannot afford the same degree of protection as their larger counterparts. powerful next-generation firewall (NGFW) appliances bundles all the hardware and services needed for comprehensive network protection from the spectrum of existing and emerging network threats.Sonicwall all-in-one network protection that combines gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, application intelligence and control, content filtering, firmware updates and 24X7 support onto a high-performance deep packet inspection firewall.

There are many reasons to use firewalls for your organization/home network. However, some of them are as follows:

  1. Use of a firewall protects the system from unauthorized/outside access to your data. It protects your system from getting blocked content.
  2. It stops linking to unwanted and blocked content. Moreover, the use of reliable makes your game safer on the internet.
  3. Firewalls allow the users to block the content that is against morality/ unsuitable.
  4. For an organization, it is very much essential to save their data from being encrypted by hackers. So it provides the full security for data protection.

Sonicwall firewall for Small Business

The first line of defense for any business is the firewalls.Just because your business is small doesn’t mean you are at any less risk for a security breach than a larger business. The reality is that cyber-criminals use automated scanning programs that don’t care whether your company is big or small; they are only looking for holes in your network security to exploit. In fact, if your business is still using a traditional firewall to protect against malicious threats, you may not even realize that you are woefully unprotected.Sonicwall offer right products to ensure your business network security.Thanks to advances in firewall protection technology from Sonicwall, help you achieving robust network security without sacrificing performance. Moreover, Sonicwall firewalls small ensure business network more efficient and secure at an affordable price point.

Varied security solutions from SonicWall

With a focus to enhance business network security, we deal with wide range of SonicWall Firewalls in Kigali. The portfolio of products includes

  • Super Massive E10000 series: It is designed to deliver a deep level of protection to larger networks. When it comes to the security of bigger organizations, this is a perfect choice. This can be upgraded to the growing needs of the business, service providers and bandwidth. It is a very strong protective mechanism for Spywares, malware and other possible intrusions.
  • SonicWall Super Massive 9000 series: Like the E10000 series, it is a strong security tool to block the most vulnerable threats before entering into the network. It is certainly a choice for the most demanding conditions.
  • NSA series: With the multi-core architecture, it is capable of preventing most susceptible threats. It comes with the most advanced features such as the SSL decryption, intrusion prevention system, SSL decryption and so on. With all these features it is a great choice for many organizations.

Get the SonicWall firewall renewal from us.

The other series we encourage to create great security solutions are WXA series, TZ series, and the SonicPoint series. As a leading service provider with SonicWall firewalls, we have access to the service of SonicWall firewall renewal in Rwanda. We are authorized to have access to the databases of all series to make sufficient changes.

Other services and add-on that comes with the series include

  • Defend threats with advanced protection service
  • Advanced gateway security suite
  • Gateway security services
  • Web content filtering options
  • Remove junk mail with Anti-spam service
  • Effective bandwidth allocation
  • Prevent cyber threats with intrusion prevention system and more

A security breach of your business can be shocking, and sometimes it leads to massive loss. To get the perfect, as well as right business network security is an important core factor of a modern business. In a city like Kigali, this scope of network protection is safe with VDS. With our reliable and affordable Sonicwall security solutions we help you to ensure your complete network security.We are focused on other areas of United Arab Emirates as well including, Musanze, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Gitarama, Butare, Byumba, and Gisenyi.

As a SonicWall partner in Kigali, we offer the wide range of security solutions including extensive network security, Email security, VPN security, VOIP security and virtual security. With our extremely reliable services, you can stay focused on your business though we strengthen your network security border. With the kind of protection the systems are offering, SonicWall firewalls are often considered as the next generation firewalls. It has been featured with visualization capabilities and application intelligence and control and can scan all incoming and outgoing traffic with the advanced inspection mechanism. Therefore with the range of products you do not need to worry about the integrity and identify of your business data. It is certain that you can experience a superior reliability that is matched with the changing need of your business.

VDS Kigali is considered as the professional expert in network security in Emirates. We offer advance network security that no one else can offer in Kigali. We have full-fledged network security solutions with the advanced measures. When it comes to the IT security we are the leaders in Rwanda. We provide complete portfolio of Sonicwall products in Rwanda with professional services, as well we offer the service of SonicWall firewall renewal. As a SonicWall partner in Kigali, we have had profound experience in creating best Sonicwall firewall solutions in Kigali for Schools, institutions, corporate, SMB, government offices etc…. The security we provide with the Sonicwall firewall is enough to guaranty that your organization is fully protected against any internal and external security threats.

Moreover, we make sure that the solution is providing right kind of security in line with your business network security requirements. The gaining acceptance among the corporate and SMB’s, makes the SonicWall firewall products are considered as the best firewall products available in Rwanda. With all the features and functionalities the SonicWall firewall is certainly an asset to your organization. Contact us to get rock solid office security with SonicWall firewall in Kigali.