Avaya 9408 Kigali Rwanda


Avaya 9408

Avaya 9408 is a digital phone feature high-quality voice communication. These phones feature multiple speed dials, call logs and feature keys. This phone is perfect for transferring calls, call handling by busy workers. It offers white backlight line X 32 character display and up to three 12 button expansion modules.




Avaya 9408 Digital Phone in Kigali

Connectivity is an important component of life today. What separates this decade from the previous ones is the revolution brought about in connectivity among people due to the advent of the internet, mobiles, email, etc.

One such boon of the technological revolution is the digital desk phones brought about by Avaya. The 9400 series digital desk phones help companies to achieve the standard, reliable and high-quality communication within the organization.

The Avaya 9408 desk phone is often considered to be indispensable by its users. Workers and employees who have to work long hours on the phone have especially acknowledged the advanced telephony features of the device as well as its superior real-time voice communication.

The Avaya 9408 has a reputation to always deliver for its customers. With features such as responsive buttons and a big and easily readable screen, it is also quite easy to operate and doesn’t require you to hire professionals to set up and operate the phone. Once you install it for your business, you do not have to worry about any further hindrances any more. Expect smooth workflow all around.

Avaya 9408 Kigali RwandaComing to the other features of this device, it has 3 levels each with 8 administrable feature buttons. Also, there is an optional 12 button expansion module which takes the total to around 96 special keys/ feature keys including speed dial buttons. Another good thing about these keys is that they come with dual red-green LED display which makes it even easy to remember and operate.

Putting the feature/special keys aside, there are also normal feature keys for your day to day tasks, such as checking your messages, contacts or even your call history. This saves up a lot of time and you do not have to always fumble through keys that are not meant to do what you want them to do.

It also has an integrated two-way speaker for better quality audio services. In addition to it, there is also a headset jack which supports a wide range of Avaya headsets and headphones, both wired and wireless.

The big screen is often used to display additional caller information with features such as ‘active appearances’ that make it easier to handle all sorts of calls. This feature allows your employees to make proper arrangements according to the type of caller and also helps you stay posted on things that are crucial for your business.

In addition to being supremely effective for your business, these phones are also blessed with an aesthetic design that is appealing to the eyes and also helps create a lovely ambiance for your workspace. It is a must have tool for all kind of employees, starting from a desk clerk to an executive or manager. With its efficient design and aesthetic looks, it can handle even the most challenging of tasks with ease, hardly breaking a sweat. It will satisfy even the pickiest users.

Hurry up and grab your Avaya 9408 Digital Deskphone today.

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