Grandstream GVC3210 Kigali Rwanda


Grandstream GVC3210 Rwanda

Grandstream GVC3210 in Rwanda easy-to-use Highly configurable video conferencing System support video resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD. GVC3210 offered with high-end 16M pixel CMOS sensor with ePTZ for easy camera view adjustments and Miracast wireless for convenient content sharing. This Video conferencing solution equipped with Built-in 4-MIC array with beam-forming, support for external audio equipment and innovative Noise Shield technology. It’s Built-in Bluetooth for use with Bluetooth speakers/ microphones, keyboards and data exchange.


Grandstream GVC3210 Video Conference in Detail

Grandstream GVC3210 ideal choice for SMBs looking for a price-friendly option that still carries the high-end features needed to sustain high-quality business communications. GVC3210 Support Dual Monitors and HDMI Input for presentation sharing with Laptop or Tablets. It supports Sharp HD video resolutions up to 4k Ultra HD in Single Screen Mode and  1080P in Dual Screen Mode. Along with HDMI Input for Laptop connectivity for Content sharing, GVC3210 Support Miracast wireless content sharing.  This feature allows the users to easily share content from their mobile device while participating in HD Video conferencing.

The GVC3210 having Built-in 4-MIC array with beam-forming as well as additional Bluetooth speakers/ microphones.The innovative Noise Shield technology ensures high-quality audio communication on Video Conferencing. The GVC3210 Video conferencing endpoint equipped with an Advanced camera with 16M pixel CMOS sensor, 90 FOV wide angle lens and ePTZ for easy camera view adjustments.The GVC3210 Camera wide-angle lens, which provides an expanded 90° horizontal field of view, brings everyone in view without adjusting the camera. GVC3210   co-works with Grandstream conference phone GAC2500. The GAC2500 is already capable to expand into 2 Units By Pairing.

It also Integrated dual-band WiFi to pair with video and web conferencing service.Featuring H.265/HEVC, Opus Codec and HD voice the GVC3210 facilitates more immersive audio-visual collaboration.Via supporting H.265/HEVC video codecs, just with the minimum bandwidth, 1080P HD video calls can be achieved, thus saving more than 50% bandwidth than using H.264. The GVC3202 supports standard H.323/SIP dual protocol as well as any conferencing application available in Google Play store including Skype for Business, Bluejeans, Zoom, Lifesize, and Hangout. Most importantly this device allows you to mix calls from users on different platforms.The H323 Protocol support helps you communicate with Polycom Video Conferencing, Cisco Video Conferencing, and Avaya Video Conferencing.The network ports for GVC3210 is Gigabit Network supported and inbuilt two USB Ports help you connect USB Flash Drives or any other USB Supported Audio Devices.The infrared remote control with multi-touch touchpad designed for best user experience. The Video codec support include HEVC(H.265) and H.264 BP/MP/HP, video resolution up to 4K (2160p), frame rate up to 30 fps, bitrate up to 16Mbps.The Video Resolution support include 4K (2160p@30fps) from 4096Kbps, 1080p@30fps from 1024Kbps, 720p@30fps from 512 Kbps, 4SIF/4CIF from 128 Kbps, SIF/CIF from 64 Kbps. When the GVC3210 is using 4K resolution during a video call, EPTZ is not supported. The GVC3210 supports 90° field of view. Please install GVC3210 at the position that suits the best conference view if you plan to use 4K resolution.Other than this when  using 4K resolution, local recording is not supported and Users can only use HDMI Out Port 1 for one display

Grandstream Gvc3210 Video Conference Kigali


Grandstream GVC3210 – The Best VC System Around

By supporting top-tier video resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD, the GVC3210 turns any video conference into a powerful, clear, enhancing experience. This Video Conferencing Device allows business video conferencing users to customize their solution according to their specific communication needs.GVC3210 can be paired with most video and web conferencing services to create a multi-point conferencing system.The GVC3210 Ensure Lifelike Communication for Small and Medium Meeting Rooms.Grandstream GVC3210  owns all-in-one design With Android 6 Operating System, which combines codec and camera together, only one standard RJ45 network cable could connect TV area and conference table, saving more time and space for better communication. The GVC3210 t fits easily and seamlessly on the TV making your meeting room clutter-free.This simple yet powerful video conferencing endpoint is the ideal choice for SMBs looking for a price-friendly option that still carries the high-end features needed to sustain high-quality business communications.