Fanvil PA2 Paging System Kigali Rwanda


Fanvil PA2 Paging Device Rwanda

The Fanvil PA2 is a paging device that suits a variety of Audio application. Fanvil SIP Paging system has a variety of interfaces for audio connectivity options.It can tightly integrate with your telephone system and create a complete zone paging system.



Fanvil PA2 SIP Paging in Detail

PA2 is a SIP video intercom & Paging device for industry application capable to integrate with IP Telephone System. You don’t have to spend on additional infrastructures like mics and cabling. Because you can use any of the phones to initiate the paging. As the Fanvil IP Paging system is network based you can use the existing network yo stream the audio instead of doing expensive individual cabling.

Fanvil Pa2 Fetures Kigali


Fanvil Pa2 Project Example Kigali

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