Fanvil I30 IP Door Phone Kigali Rwanda


Fanvil I30 IP Door Phone Rwanda

Fanvil I30 IP Doorphone in Rwanda with the capability to operate a wide temperature range.  It uses the standard SIP Protocol for communication. The I30 IP Dpoorphone is POE supported and can handle 2 SIP Accounts.  It has an inbuilt CMOS Camera and supports audio and video calls. The I30 is suitable for a wide range of applications such as intercom, access control, and broadcasting. It supports access control with a password, RFID, Indoor Switch and telephonic call.



The Fanvil SIP Door fon with Acess Control

Fanvil i30 IP DoorPhone comes in outstanding features designed to satisfy homeowners as well as corporate institutions. It has inbuilt cameras accompanied by an all-inclusive service portal with access control, broadcasting elements, and intercom. The device runs through secure networks compatible with the standard software technologies and protocols. It has access control a by code, RFID Card, call, or indoor switch. As a security access control device, you will enjoy its portability and ease of use, not to forget the presence of an inbuilt 3W speaker and AEC. This  IP Door Phone is also characterized by graphical light indicators, smooth keyboard strokes, and an exquisite backlight.  Users can accommodate two SIP lines in the device and enjoy HD voice and video communication with the outside party. The inbuilt camera province 110degree camera viewing angle which ensures full coverage outside your door.

Fanvil IP door phones are enhanced with Power over Ethernet feature and inbuilt relay. You can open doors by dialing your password or call. Ideally, the device connects to PCs, VOIP phones or IP Telephone Systems from where you can talk and monitor guests. Fanvil i30 IP Door Phone can be used in offices, warehouses, or residential properties where its application ensures comfort and protection. In warehouses, companies can set their security level to authorized personnel only accompanied by a two-way communication establishment between visitors and central command. Apartment buildings have similar benefits that provide convenience and easy access to the doors. The remote control system allows you to instantly recognize your guests virtually and let them in without leaving the couch or desk.

On top of that, you can manage the device online as it is compatible with various office telephone systems including  Yeastar, Avaya, Dlink, Grandstream, Huawei, epygi, elastix, OpenVox, Zycoo, and Asterick among others. According to the manufacturers, Fanvil i30 door phones were developed using SIP Protocol enhanced by reliable transmissions. The system is capable for up to 1000 access control cards and 20000 records.

Fanvil I30 Sip Door Phone Kigali


Fanvil as a company has years of experience in the field including the production of VOIP products since 2002. The Fanvil Technology Co. Ltd prides itself on distributing communication services to small, medium, and large enterprises. Try out Fanvil i30 door phone and enjoy maximum security and comfort at your home, office, apartment, or workplace. With the device, you will work undisturbed, give your employees limited access to valuable items, and leave your premises at will.

Fanvil I30 Specification

  • Two SIP lines, support SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) and related RFC
  • 1/4 “color CMOS HD Camera with a backlight compensation function
  • Camera Viewing angle: 110 ° (H), 95 ° (V)
  • Built-in 3W speaker and AEC
  • Microphone
  • Full-duplex hands-free (HF)
  • Access Control, Intercom, and Broadcasting
  • Access by call, code, indoor switch and RFID card
  • Keyboard with backlight
  • Support VPN L2TP / OpenVPN
  • Two SIP lines, support SIP 2.0
  • Installation: wall-mounting
  • Full Duplex Echo Cancellation (AEC)
  • Support 1000 RFID cards
  • Support 1000 remote access list
  • Support 200,000 door open records
  • Can integrate with office telephone systems

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