Panasonic CCTV Kigali

Panasonic CCTV offers specific solutions for each industry with best security technology.Panasonic CCTV Products and Security solution enable reducing processing overheads and the strain on bandwidth within the network.Panasonic Offer next generation CCTV Products provide superb image quality while providing savings on bandwidth and the recording system.These CCTV Products packaged for easy installation and seamless integration into existing or new security applications. Panasonic CCTV onboard technology is delivering cost effective & intelligent solutions for professionals of safety.

Panasonic CCTV Kigali has a long-standing reputation for offering the highest quality video surveillance products that are backed up with outstanding technical support and service programs.When you buy a Panasonic CCTV Product, You are not only getting the Advance technology product but deliver long-lasting performance.With a combination of 3D Noise Reduction and Multi-process Noise Reduction (MNR), Panasonic CCTV Offer both the bright area and the dark area of an image faithfully reproduced with minimum noise in high sensitivity image recording.

CCTV Security System Technology is advanced in a way that it offer increased resolution and improved picture quality through better lenses, sensor, and image processing technology.These advancements are capable of bringing much-needed improvements in evidential image quality and enable the user to realize the investment made in CCTV through deliverable results regarding precise identification.


Panasonic CCTV Offer plug-and-play operation enables users to set it up for a few minutes and operate just about all features from the primary display without running a PC.The Pansonic Design eliminate the needs of complex settings in CCTV Installation as well as Integration.Typically higher resolutions FHD & 4K require much greater bandwidths that impact on the design and cost of both the network to stream high-definition images across and the recording hard drive capacity needed to store them on. Panasonic providing free video management software, which supporting central video monitoring and recording, as well as e-map, log, alarm control, motion detection, PTZ, remotely mobile surveillance.

 Save Big Bandwidth and Storage With Panasonic Smart Coding and Enjoy 4K CCTV

Smart Coding is a Technology Offered by Panasonic for CCTV Encoding. It Reduces the bandwidth usage dramatically while maintaining the quality of the video.This Panasonic CCTV Technology substantially lowering storage and networking costs.This breakthrough innovation comes standard on all new True 4K Series CCTV cameras.

Panasonic H.265 CCTV Cameras

Panasonic Offer i-PRO Extreme platform, The complete H.265 end to end system that delivers the high-quality image, Extreme Visibility, Compression, Reliability, and Data Security.These H.265 CCTV Cameras offer outstanding low-light performance and deliver best viewing experience in challenging lighting environments. H.265 encoding offers a 50% reduction in bandwidth compared to H.264, and Panasonic Smart Coding and Smart Facial Coding push that to a 75% reduction.

Why Panasonic CCTV

Panasonic is the company first bought you theCCTV the Security camera in 1957and Invented several cornerstone technology standards in CCTV Industry.Panasonic Offer industry leading CCTV Security solutions monitor, record and manage CCTV Security Video.Panasonic offers a complete range of CCTV Products with highest quality image and mission critical reliability and minimum cost of ownership.When you are thinking about CCTV Solutions you can count Panasonic CCTV products as Your High-end security system.

Panasonic CCTV Distributor Kigali

As a Leading Panasonic CCTV Distributor in Kigali, we offer Competitive Pricing as well as quality support to our customers.We offer quality support to our resellers as well as CCTV Installation to our customers across Kigali, Butare, Musanze, Gisenyi, Byumba, Kibuye,  Gitarama, Cyangugu,  Rwanda. Contact Us today for best pricing on Panasonic CCTV Products in Rwanda, as well as Panasonic CCTV Installation.