Milestone CCTV Video Management Software

Milestone CCTV is a global leader in video management solutions which provide state-of-the-art features to bolster CCTV surveillance system performance in Rwanda. Milestone CCTV in Kigali gives you full control of your security surveillance system. VDS is a proud Milestone distributor in Kigali, support you with Milestone products supply and advanced Milestone integration.

Milestone CCTV Video Management Software also delivers powerful surveillance that is reliable, easy to use and highly scalable. It allows you to view the security of your home, export video, control output, playback and push live video from your phone camera anywhere and at any time.

The application which is supported by Android, Window Phone 8 and Apple can also be used as a surveillance video software for training purposes, logistics delivery, quality assurance, insurance claims, employee procedures, production control, and environmental hazard monitoring.

At present, there are so many Video Management Software’ which promises some interesting features, but once you download them, they either become quite complicated to use or even require a yearly subscription fee. However, Milestone CCTV Video Management Software in Kigali is one with a difference. Milestone Kigali offers an open platform that makes it easy to integrate independent security and business systems into a single video solution for better functionality.

5 XProtect VMS products

Milestone XProtect Kigali which is available in 227 languages provides the best in-house solutions to video-enabled organizations, protecting people’s asset, optimizing cost, managing risk and optimizing processes. Milestone Stone currently has 5 Xprotect VMS products you can choose from, and they include:

  • XProtect Essential (most basic and free): Xprotect Essential is the best option for small business owners that want to make use of video surveillance software in protecting their assets and employees. It offers a free full-featured version of the Milestone’s market-leading video management software (VMS) with support for eight cameras. You can also integrate this software with other applications and system and access it with an internet enabled device.
  • XProtect Express (business VMS solutions): XProtect Express is an IP video management software designed for businesses with basic security needs that want to integrate other business applications such as video analytics and access control into a single software. XProtect Express can be best installed at Car parks, office buildings and retail shops.
  • XProtect Professional (business VMS solutions): These are mid-sized security installations with an unlimited number of servers and cameras designed for firms that need to identify and respond to incidents quickly such as hospitals, schools, and museums.
  • XProtect Expert (advanced VMS solutions): Built with innovative technology, XProtect Expert is an IP video management software designed to boost the overall performance of the system and ensure video integrity in large-scale organizations. It includes central management of an unlimited number of cameras, user’s servers and a perfect choice for companies that are scattered in different locations. XProtect Expert is best installed in a warehouse or stadiums.
  • XProtect Corporate (advanced VMS solutions): Xprotect Corporate is built with innovative technology to ensure end-to-end protection of video integrity and boost the overall performance of the system. It includes central management for all users, servers, cameras and an integrated video wall for operators; it is perfect for installations that require continuous access and uninterrupted video recording. XProtect Corporate is best installed at the airport and casino.

Milestone Xprotect Kigali RwandaWhy Choose a Milestone?

Milestone Rwanda is a leading provider of CCTV Video management software such as Milestone for Axis CCTV, Milestone NVR and others. It has the widest portfolio for VMS solutions that are highly scalable, easy to use and single server solutions for high-security surveillance.

Milestone products are also optimized to meet the specific need of different market segments. Some of the benefits of choose Milestone CCTV Video management software includes the following

  • Single and Multi-site: The software is a perfect solution for many businesses because it is designed to be installed in a single location, it can also manage installation with the help of cameras spread across different physical locations.
  • Highly scalable: Milestone CCTV Video management software also supports an unlimited number of servers which implies that the system can scale seamlessly when new recording servers are added to it.
  • Hardware Acceleration: Milestone CCTV Video management software can be used to remove all bottlenecks set by the hardware to maximize potentials of the system and improve performance
  • Designed with open architecture: Milestone CCTV Video management software’s are designed with open architectures which are compatible with IP cameras, digital video camera and encoders than any other VMS manufacturer.
  • Distributed operation: It also provides several ways of scaling an installation and operating multi sites from a single location. This implies that when you need to connect larger sites, you can take advantage of Milestone Federated Architecture which allows organisations to be connected to federates sites for unlimited scalability and flexibility. However, when you want to manage smaller sites, you can use Milestone Interconnect which also allows organisations to unite their systems into a single centrally operated and controlled a system with XProtect Corporate acting as the central hub.

Finally, whether you have a large-scale organisation or a small business purchasing a Milestone CCTV Video management software is very important. Unlike other video management software, Milestone has the most extensive portfolio for VMS solutions that are highly scalable, easy to use and single server solutions for high-security surveillance.  At present, buying Milestone CCTV Video management software is pretty easy because there are so many Milestone distributors in various parts of the country that provides Milestone and Axis CCTV, Milestone NVR and other software at an affordable cost.

What do we offer in Milestone?

whether you want to protect your store from vandalism or you want to manage a multi-site, high-security installation, Milestone Kigali XProtect VMS portfolio makes it possible. As a Milestone Distributor, we support you to Build your surveillance system on a solid foundation in Rwanda. Contact us today to get professional advice on  Milestone and learn about  Milestone products.