Jabra headsets Kigali

Jabra, a renowned brand in the communication and audio device industry, offers a diverse range of headsets tailored for office use. These headsets are specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals in various workplace environments, providing comfort, functionality, and enhanced communication capabilities. Jabra has been at the forefront of incorporating cutting-edge features into its office headsets. These innovations include noise cancellation, superior audio quality, wireless connectivity, and user-centric designs aimed at enhancing productivity and comfort in the workplace.

Jabra Wireless Office Headsets

Jabra provides a range of wireless office headsets equipped with Bluetooth or DECT technology. These headsets offer users the freedom to move within a certain range while staying connected to their devices, facilitating multitasking and flexibility in the office.

Jabra Corded Office Headsets

For environments where a constant and reliable connection is preferred, Jabra offers corded office headsets with various connectivity options such as USB, 3.5mm jacks, or proprietary connectors. These headsets are suitable for individuals requiring a more traditional setup.

Jabra Unified Communications (UC) Compatible Headsets

Jabra specializes in headsets compatible with Unified Communications platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, and others. These headsets are optimized to seamlessly integrate with these platforms, enhancing communication experiences during calls, meetings, and conferences.

Jabra Noise-Canceling Office Headsets

Jabra’s noise-canceling office headsets utilize advanced technology to minimize background noise, ensuring clear and uninterrupted communication even in noisy office environments.

Jabra Wired Hedsets Kigali


Key Features of Jabra Office Headsets

Exceptional Audio Quality

Jabra office headsets are known for their superior audio quality, delivering crystal-clear sound for both voice calls and multimedia applications. Some models incorporate premium sound technologies for an immersive listening experience.

Comfort and Ergonomics

Designed for prolonged use, Jabra office headsets prioritize user comfort with features such as adjustable headbands, cushioned ear cups, and lightweight materials, enabling users to wear them comfortably for extended periods.

Versatile Connectivity Options

Jabra office headsets offer a range of connectivity options including Bluetooth, USB, and 3.5mm jacks, ensuring compatibility with various devices and office setups.

Long Battery Life and Charging

Wireless Jabra office headsets come with long-lasting batteries, providing extended usage time. Certain models also feature rapid charging capabilities for quick top-ups during busy workdays.

Advanced Microphone Technology

Equipped with noise-canceling microphones, Jabra office headsets prioritize the user’s voice by reducing background noise, ensuring clear and crisp communication during calls and conferences.

Jabra Headset for business and Call centers using standard desk phones operating in the 300-3,400 Hz frequency range. The Hand-made Neodymium speakers in Jabra Headsets, resulting in greater call clarity and provide maximum frequency response within this range. It results in fewer misunderstandings and better customer service all round. The headsets are available with different microphones and noise-canceling systems to match any business environment in Rwanda.

Jabra Headsets are designed to ensure maximum service life and minimum maintenance costs. Key details are made of surgical steel, and the cord is reinforced with Kevlar.

Jabra Headset Frequency response specially configured to the 300–3,400 Hz range, matching the bandwidth used for traditional PSTN telephony. Close integration with the specific type of Telephone system provides better call clarity at both end-users. The Neodymium speakers provide exceptional sound clarity within the designated frequency response range. The Superior Audio helps users understand what customers are saying.

The Microphone options in different Jabra headsets enable the user to choose Noise-canceling for noisy work environments and Ultra Noise-canceling for very noisy environments. Jabra’s Technology filters out unwanted background noise so customers can clearly hear what users are saying, with less interference and background noise. This makes it possible to provide better customer service. Moreover, Your business can eliminate the expense of placing users in costly, space-demanding individual cubicles, and less need for soundproofing, etc.

Jabra Wireless Headsets – Jabra Wireless Office Headsets – Jabra Wireless  Call Center Headsets

Jabra Offer Wireless headsets for business office units as well as call centers. Jabra Wireless headsets are known for its crystal clear audio quality, long hours talk-time, and secure one-touch pairing. Jabra Wireless headsets also support NFC. NFC is a faster, more straightforward way to connect two Bluetooth devices.

Jabra premium wireless headsets in Rwanda are designed for modern office workers. Jabra Wireless headsets in Kigali are equipped with world-class speakers for music and high-definition (HD) voice for crystal clear calls. Dual Bluetooth® connectivity supports calls and music by allowing the user to simultaneously pair the headset with two connected devices, such as a computer and smartphone. Jabra Wireless headset also enables the flexibility and freedom to move, allowing workers to multi-task without the noise and interruptions from colleagues that stifle concentration and productivity.

Jabra Wireless Hedsets KigaliThe Revolutionary designs of Jabra wireless headsets in Rwanda  helping workers collaborate, concentrate, and remain productive in busy, open place offices without the need for designated quiet rooms. These wireless headsets in Rwanda are designed for Open Office and Outdoor requirements for Skype for Business from Microsoft. It is also certified for Skype for Business, Cisco, Avaya, and other leading Unified Communications (UC) platforms.

The Wireless Dect technology offered by Jabra Wireless Headsets,  enable users to roam up to 150m/490 ft away from the desk, without dropping the call. They can answer and end calls remotely while multitasking around the office. The Long 10 hours’ talk time and optimized battery ensure essential calls can be handled around the office throughout your working day.  The Jabra patented headset-to-base pairing process avoids risky pairing over the air to protect your conversations. Jabra Wireless Headsets in Kigali offered with best-in-class noise-cancellation and acoustic protection resulting, in your calls with excellent sound, even in the noisiest of offices.

Jabra Call Center Headsets

Call centers are notoriously loud (fact). It makes it difficult to hear and be heard in such a crowded environment. Even if there are only a few people in the same room, talking over one another can be a serious problem when dealing with customers. Jabra offers best rated and cost-effective call center headsets. Jabra Call Center Headset offers noise-canceling microphone, wideband audio, and PeakStop technology. When it comes to Jabra you don’t have to sacrifice any comfort for toughness.  Jabra Understands the realities of call center and designed headsets with the high build quality, user-friendliness, and comfort.

Jabra Call Center Haedsets KigaliJabra Call Center Headsets in Kigali offer great audio quality so you and your customers can communicate well. Jabra Headsets are Optimized for the cost-conscious contact center with Lightweight, sturdy design and professional quality. There are many options available for customers to choose from. Both Wired and Wireless. Jabra Call Center Headsets in Rwanda offer Noise-canceling microphone for noisy environments and the Choice of mono or duo for individual optimization.

Jabra Call Center Headsets are Combined with all the latest functionalities, Jabra headsets offer brilliant comfort and design that any professional environment requires. Multi-device connectivity, wideband audio, customize with Jabra applications and other features make these headsets astonishing.


Jabra and Microsoft work as strategic partners to integrate Jabra devices into current and new generations of Microsoft Skype for Business and Lync solutions to deliver the ultimate voice collaboration experience. Jabra has been selected as a finalist for the 2013 Microsoft Communication Partner Award for unwavering commitment to quality and innovative solutions.

Jabra headsets and speakerphones support call control within your Team’s calls and meetings using the physical buttons on your Jabra headsets or speakerphones. This means you can use controls on your Jabra devices such as mute, unmute, answer, and volume up or down.

Jabra has elevated Microsoft’s collaboration experience by delivering the highest quality voice solutions to customers – solutions that seamlessly integrate into Microsoft’s platform. Jabra will continue this history of proactive development.

Jabra Microsoft Teams Kigali Increase productivity and derive the full business potential of collaboration solution with Jabra audio devices that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Skype for Business. Jabra offers plug and plays headsets and speakerphones for Microsoft Communications with excellent sound quality and comfort.

Whether it’s a little chatter in the background of a colleague sitting right beside you, the right speakers help you get the most out of your calls while the right microphone delivers quality audio on the other end, where it really counts.

Jabra Skype for business or team headsets in Kigali offers Omni-directional microphones pick up sound from any direction and block ambient and surrounding noise. Noise-canceling microphones and a mono speaker reduce unwanted background noise while ensuring you’re still aware of your surroundings. Great for use in even noisier, open office environments.

Jabra Microsoft Teams Headsets in Rwanda combined with duo speakers filter offer Noise/ultra noise-canceling microphones. It can reduce aggressive noise and can block the sound of someone sitting right beside you.

Which Headset do I choose?

Great if you want to move away from the desk or just a streamlined, cordless headset design. Jabra Wired Headsets in Kigali Perfect if you only work at your desk, and you want the best possible audio quality in one or both ears.

What Do We offer in Jabra Headsets?

Jabra office headsets have become indispensable tools in modern workplaces, offering superior audio solutions and enhancing communication experiences for professionals. Their continuous innovation, diverse product range, and focus on quality make them a preferred choice for businesses and individuals seeking reliable communication devices tailored for office use.

This comprehensive overview covers the essence of Jabra office headsets, encompassing their evolution, technological advancements, features, applications, and significance in today’s office environments.